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The managers of IBuyDinar.com have been buying and selling currencies since 2004.

We are licensed with the US Treasury. Registration information. Our office is located in Miami FL.


        The management of Ibuydinar.com have decades of experience working in multinationals and some of the most prestigious global investment banks. Our goal is to provide clients with the utmost care and the highest level of customer service. We strive to provide excellent service for every customer, and every transaction. Our staff looks forward to serving you.


Ibuydinar.com is a division of M7 Corporation. M7 Corporation is registered with the U.S Department of the Treasury as a money services business (MSB), solely providing services as a currency dealer or exchanger. M7 is NOT a bank, banker, or trust engaged in lending money, underwriting, selling securities, or acting as a financial planner, loan broker or investment adviser. M7 does not provide any investment related advice. iBuyDinar and iBuyDinar.com are also registered trademarks, as well as registered trade names, owned by M7.

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